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Simply she is the best in all the Deviantart's webpage ... she's the reason due I came to this webpage. Wonderful, beautiful, great !, thanks a lot for your existence dear Betceemay !
Simply Wonderful! :wave:
great shots, i love your work, very beautiful :love:
You are an exquisitely beautiful woman. Love your face and smile especially. Love your hair, eyes, cheekbones, uhh, well, just all of it. I love the pictures of you that Photoscot uploaded especially the "Hanging out with Betcee" and the "Lounging with Betcee" series. There is such a beautiful warmth and playful friendliness in your expressions in those two sets of pictures. It is a very rare and beautiful quality that I wish more people had.
wbmstr Mar 20, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
There's a sense of innocence, danger and naughtiness all at once in your look. Thanks for the great pictures, it is well worth the time looking at.
you have an amazing collection of work. you're one of my favorite model on DA. Love your work :)
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